Tuesday, August 3, 2010

30 July 2010 was the date for Mike's convocation. yes, I had been to Mike's convo and had been sitting inside the hall and witnessed the whole ceremony. Well, it is enough to have this experience once.. as it was so boring inside the hall without walking around for more than 4 hours !!!!!~~~~ i really salute my parents, who have been to my sister's and my convo last time, without grumbling as much as I am now..... hehe

well, juz share some pics of Mike's big day... hehe....

mike juz came out from the hall and he was eating the APAM ..

wen yi with her nice hair cut

surprised to see lee hom

yee ren n I, the photographer (mike) was not professional enough...

finally, mike n I with the beautiful flowers

Mike n i still... hehe.....

4 August 2010- late posting as i was tied up with works recently.. hehe...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

new post in 2010

wow, time flies... it has been a year since i last posted my updates in my blog.... lot to tell and dunno where to start with....

today is a beautiful date: 7.7.2010 to upload my new post, hehe... i must admit that i have experienced and grew a lot in this year, especially in my working experience.... i mean i learn how to cope with different working environment and able to perform to my best under this enormous change of working atmosphere (as compared with my previous working environment).... i find that it is difficult to identify whether the change of environment is a positive or negative to oneself,but as long as you're always willing to learn and your learning attitude is correct, then there is no issue for you to perform as the working environment shouldn't pose a any problem to you.... So, the conclusion is get a right attitude and perform yourself to the best !!!~~~

erm, i have never updated my blog for so long, so people might not be understanding what am i trying to express, haha... sorry for those that couldn't understand what i am writing now, but as long as i m clear what i m writing, i m satisfied d, hehe......

7.7.2010, 11.55pm ---tired, need to zzz now.....

Saturday, June 13, 2009

happy moments in May.....

14.6.2009 -all about fun !!!!!~~~~

Wow, it has been ages since i last wrote my blog..... hehe.. yes, a bit busy recently....

Well, this time i would like to upload some pictures of my journey in May.

The birthday boy and his gal.... (ah-boon and ying ying)

whole gang of us @ new way !!!!

Mike and his sis @ malacca

Us @ jonker to have my favourite cendol

funny spectacle

wat a contrast....

Melissa & me...

15.6.2009-simple pictures depict happy moments of the month of May....

Friday, April 24, 2009

Days @ e2 Power


Today is Wednesday, is a day for me to remember. It is the last day of my first job.

I have been working for this job since July 2008, and it is 10 months until now.

I am happy to quit this job, yet i miss my colleagues @ the office. They all are friendly colleagues and oways willing to help!

Undeniable, the working place is very nice, the air-cons is oways cool and never been hot. The office's decoration oways make u feel refresh and of coz the unlimited drinks u can drink (my favourite is milo) !!!!~~~

my best fren, ms joey!!!~~~us again

jason n me

office decoration

my working place

wai lian, azra, fara, me n ju

we are power puff team

azra and aisyah..

roslin, who sit beside me and we used to chat a lot, hehe...

kristy, 24.4.2009, 7.56pm-waiting for others housemates to come back

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Team Outing - Sunway Lagoon Trip

18.4.2009, Saturday

Today is a sunny Saturday. Our team (12 ppl in total) is going for team outing at Sunway Lagoon.

To be honest, this is my first time to Sunway Lagoon, so i am kind of excited to looking forward for the trip, hehe...

At 8am sharp, i reach Aisyah's place (all thx to my lovely housemate, Xin Yi, wake up early and fetch e to her place). Aisyah is my colleague who stay in the same taman with me, but need 3 mins driving distance. Then we go to ktm serdang to pick up Wai Lian, before going to Cyeberjaya to meet up with other colleagues.

We had our breakfast at Subway. Yes, the sandwich is delicious, yet costly. It is my brunch, so it is kind of worth it.

The table is quite messy with our food

After that, we are heading to Sunway Lagoon. The ppl are a lot, but we still manage to get our tickets and enter the theme park.

Remark: i am a bit lazy to write, so juz attach pic here for your reference, hehe.....
erm....typical pic to take after wearing the watch
me * Fara

waiting our turn to take the ride (360' pirate ship)

all of us @ suspension bridge (whr m i ?? ans: holding the camera)

self taking pic... me, azra, ju, fara

having dinner @ ole-ole bali aft a tired trip (thx all for the dinner ~~~)


kristy, 20.4.2009, 7.30pm-long time din update blog...

Monday, April 13, 2009

happy to meet old days best fren.... hehe


Well, today i was unexpected that i would meet up with m best secondary fren, Ms Christine Hor Pei Yi !!!!!~~~~

What a nice experience to meet her up in UPM and had a wonderful chatting with her ....happy~~~~

Good luck in your final exam today !!!!~~~~

kristy, 14.4.2009, 10:22am-going to zzz later in the late morning, hehe....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

experience of working graveyard shift


Actually, working on graveyard shift isn't a big deal, just like Kai Kai Seen Seen leave in the previous comment, just take it as uni life. Yes, you will feel nothing as i believe we all used to zzz "early" in the morning (1~3 am) during our uni life rite?

However, the thing i cant adapt i believe is not the working hour anymore, but it is the environment you work in at that period. Just imagine, only 2 ppl in the whole huge office(in day time, it can fit up to 80~100+ppl), stay until the next morning. Moreover, when your colleague can sense and see that thg, don't you feel it is very eerie????

When i was scheduled to work with my collleague, all of my others colleagues bless me. Thier advices to me is :"dont listen to what he said !!!!"~~~ I do aware of that, thus i give my colleague "warning" that not tell me anythg the day before we work at graveyard shift.

During the whole shift (12am -8.30am), we chat quite a lot of thg actually, and i was quite happy also, as i totally didnt feel anythg abnormal. In fact, i was enjoy working with him, as 1stly, not much calls coming in, 2ndly, only both of us in the office, so we can speak as loud as we want, as much as we want, gossip as happy as we like (although i was the one who gossip only).

Wow, i never expect my 1st graveyard is such an experience. Any comment???

kristy, 10.9.2009, 8:10pm-was alone at home, all housemates still havnt come back from work....